Diverse device Support
Our broad range of control transports allows control of a diverse range of devices. Whether you would like to control amplifiers, game consoles or scenes on a PLC system, ControlX has you covered. Supported control transports include: Infrared, Serial, TCP/IP and relay control.

Cloud Backups
We understand that not everyone is an IT Guru capable of setting up remotely accessible fault tolerant systems, so we have removed the guesswork by storing all configurations in the cloud, which are automatically backed up and are easily accessible from any internet-enabled location.

Cleanly Designed
No longer will the quality of your Photoshop skills dictate the usability of your control system. Unlike many of our competitors, we take the hassle of creating common icons, interfaces and channel lists away from you, to allow you to focus on what you do best: selling products and automating your client’s homes.

Unlike many existing home automation systems, ControlX does not require that you tear holes in walls to install specialised communication cables. ControlX only requires WiFi coverage throughout the household and WiFi-enabled/wired interface hardware.

Easy to Learn, easy to operate
Due to the simple user interface, ControlX users are learning how to operate ControlX with little-to-no assistance. We have applied the same design principles to the ControlX installation process. Armed with only a short QuickStart guide, installers are successfully deploying ControlX within their clients homes.

Remotely Configurable
ControlX allows changes to be easily made to a remotely deployed configuration. Simply edit the configuration remotely, and tell your customer to reload their controllers. Remote configuration is perfect for correcting minor glitches such as incorrect source switching.

Your future self will thank you
With some systems, it’s one matter to complete a job successfully, but yet another to understand the configuration months/years later. Our easily understood portal has been engineered to ensure that your work can be efficiently maintained by your future self years later.

ControlX employs a number of commonly used standards so that installers don’t need to redesign the wheel. IR Code entry supports both Pronto and Global Cache codes, and TCP/IP is used for communications.